Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm Smokin'

Two awards! Holy smokes! Pun completely intended. I am the proud recipient of the Smoking Typewriter Award. My deepest thanks and appreciation to Kelly at The Heathen Family Revival. Kelly's got a rockin' should go on over and visit her.

As we all know with awards comes responsibility. I must link back to the person who gave me the award (see above) and I must Google my own name. Stop...we have a problem. It's pretty obvious I don't use my own name. I know. You are shocked to the very core to find out that Shady Lady isn't my real name, aren't you?

Yeah, yeah, I know rules and all, but I thought it would be fun to see what google finds about Shady Lady. This should be too easy...

1. Shady Lady Ranch Nevada's Friendliest brothel. ... Shady Lady Ranch ™ 1-866-301-5855. Webmaster@ShadyLadyRanch.Com · Copyright Information -
Excuse me? I had nothing to do with this.

2. Shady Lady Lighting - Manufacturer of floor, table, and accent lamp bases and hand-pierced and printed lamp shades. Grafton, Wisconsin.
From a brothel the a lamp store?

3. Shady Lady provides a variety of sun protection products including sun hats, beach hats, UV protective clothing, sun protection for children and babies, ...
So not what I had in mind.

4. Check this out! Woohoo!

Who knew?!

5. The Shady Lady carries equipment catering to the needs of the novice and the seasoned enthusiast. We have kits for numerous wine, beer, and cheese styles, ...
Oh, yeah! Now you're talking!!

6. Custom window treatment and interior accent design service for the Mainline Philadelphia area - Shady Lady Inc. of Bryn Mawr, Montgomery County.
Hey, I used to live near here!

7. Shady Lady Clothing at
I always wanted my own clothing line. Hey, maybe they'll design the swimsuit I have in my head.

8. Shady Lady Studio, ltd., main index page for Shady Lady Productions, Shady Lady Records and Shady Lady Studio.
Ooh! I can cut that record I've always dreamt about.

9. Shady Lady Productions. Shady Lady Blog, Shady Lady Calendar, Shady Lady Gallery, Shady Lady MySpace, Shady Lady Merchandise ... 2006, 2007, 2008 Shady Lady Studio, ltd.
Merchandising, yes! I'll make a fortune!

And now, without further delay. I pass the Smoking Typewriter award to...........

Bantering Blond
Zayna's Garden
The Sparkling Martins

Congratulations ladies! And thanks again to Kelly!


Fiona said...

Why Thank You!! I'm honored and can't wait to google my name!
Shady Lady ... very shady!

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Geez, woman... that's just no fair. How can I ever compare to your shadiness with my silly Indian tribe?

Shady Lady said...

You are most welcome, Fiona! I do love reading your blog!

Freckle, ROFL!!!

Zayna said...

Wow, really? I'd like to thank...oh wait, it's not that kind of award.

This sounds like fun...for the record Zayna's not my real name either and I will be following your lead.

I'm interested to see what comes of it.