Saturday, August 2, 2008

My new desk job

It's not what you're thinking. I'm still a SAHM, but we've had some changes in our lives. My daughter has a rather unusual eating issue. Unusual in the fact that up until less that three weeks ago she didn't eat. Not really anyway. Her intake consisted of milk (unpasteurized/raw whole milk), prune juice (to keep her regular) and the occasional carb (pasta or bagel) in very limited amounts.

We have seen numerous experts with no change. Nobody really knew what to do. All the experts kept telling me that I shouldn't talk to her about our concerns around her eating. They told me that I shouldn't tell her why she is seeing all the professionals. They told me she was too young to comprehend. A dear friend gave me the confidence to talk to our daughter. And she understood. On her level. But she understood. I told her that we are going to try new foods and eat healthy & nutritious meals. She understood and she was okay with it. Wow! Trust your instincts mom. You know your child. You talked and she got it!

Well here we are almost three weeks later. She eats a very limited diet, but is eating so healthy! She tries new foods everyday. The challenge is speed. Now, I am not looking for her to eat fast, but she eats really, really slowly. Breakfast (two scrambled eggs) takes about three hours. Lunch takes about two hours and dinner about the same. I have tried encouraging her to eat faster and swallow sooner only to discover that she has some gagging issues. So, here I sit at the dining room table for hours on end while my child eats - my new desk job. On the up-side I'm getting a lot of knitting time which is good since I am just learning...and I get to post to my blog. The bottom line is that I am ecstatic that she is eating and I need to focus on the joy of that.

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