Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hanukkah Exploration

We leave Friday afternoon to meet the Lizard King in Disney World! I can hardly believe that the time is so close. We will spend 5 fun-filled, much needed, days together. (Have I mentioned this already?) We fly back to Portland on the 10th and Hanukkah starts on the 11th.

I have spent a good part of the weekend searching for Hanukkah activities to entertain us this week and during the week of Hanukkah. I found a site were you can design your own BINGO cards! They even have a Hanukkah theme! I found a Hanukkah lapbook here along with links to other sites with even more stuff! The one thing I couldn't find was a picture (easy) crossword puzzle, so I made one myself. :)

Today Princess chose the crossword puzzle and Hanukkah Bingo.

We made cornstarch clay, using this recipe. We used the clay to make Hanukkah decorations and a couple snowmen. Princess and I are wondering if we'll be able to paint the clay. We'll find out once everything is dry.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving (and part of our Thanksgiving week extravaganza), Princess and I made a list of the things we are thankful for. In addition to things I am thankful for, I added some affirmations. I guess I'm thankful for affirmations, too!

I am trying to stay upbeat and positive. The fact that we will see the Lizard King in 8 days helps. But Thanksgiving is our holiday. It's a big deal. We cook the meal together. He has his part, I have mine and there are parts we do together. We have people over. LK wants to do our own Thanksgiving while he is home. I'll just focus on that.

I am thankful that Freckle has invited the Princess and me to her house for Thanksgiving day. I am thankful that I will see LK in a week and that we will get to spend 2 1/2 weeks together. I am thankful that his next leave with coincide with the Passover seder. I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends. I am thankful that I get to be a mom and that I will soon be a grandmother. I am thankful to my sister and her fiance for watching Princess and giving me some much needed time off. I am thankful we have reconciled with Tatt-Man and his wife. I am thankful for good health in me and my family. I am thankful that I have you all reading my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I was sporting a long sleeve t-shirt with a short sleeve t-shirt on top. I'm not sure what has happened to my hot blooded little girl who was almost never cold. Now she is cold all the time. Yesterday I gave in and pulled out her winter wear, even though it had to be in the 60s. When we got home from our errands, including a stop at the library, she wasn't quite warm enough to remove the gear.

Yes, that is a Star Wars book that she is reading. Star Wars is very big in our house. Can you guess who her favorite character is?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Santa believes in Hanukkah!

As a kid, I never believed in Santa. I was proven right when friends of my parents told me that if I really believed there would be a present for me the next morning (Christmas morning). When I woke up there was nothing. So, HA, I was right.

In my last life I worked with a gal who was Jewish. She grew up thinking that Santa hated all the Jewish kids.I didn't want that for Princess. A couple of years ago I tried to explain to her that there really is no Santa Claus. She looked at me like I had completely lost my mind and told me that of course Santa Claus is real!

I needed to take a different approach and decided to embrace the idea. Last year was the first time that Princess wanted to go see Santa. She had to ask him if he brought presents to the kids who celebrate Hanukkah. Santa informed her that he absolutely did.

This year Princess could hardly wait to go see Santa. She couldn't believe that he wasn't even at the mall yet! Mind you, this was the beginning of November. We needed to go earlier this year because we are leaving on the 4th for Disney World and Hanukkah starts the day after we get back.

Princess sat on Santa's lap and told him what she wanted, but she forgot to tell him that we celebrate Hanukkah. She was very concerned. I told her not to worry that Santa knows everything, so I'm sure he know that. She was quite relieved. In fact, I'm pretty sure Santa has her present ready and waiting for her.

Oh, and for you locals, the real Santa is back at Washington Square Mall this year. Check this guy out! That beard and mustache are real!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Inspired by Sherry at Living and Learning, I set out to create a fun-filled week of Thanksgiving activities. I am shifting my thinking now that we are on our 7-week break from Village Home classes. I have also decided to stop teaching classes there so that I can devote more time to Princess.

Here are some things I found for us to do this week.

Thanksgiving math worksheets

Thanksgiving activities and more activities from Enchanted Learning.

Thanksgiving riddles, who doesn't love a good giggle?

First Thanksgiving printable book

I've also created some fun crafts, including paper chains, paper turkeys and more!

It should prove to be a fun-filled and thankful week!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Baby!!!

Can you guess who this is?

You all know about Needy Evie, she was number 2. Have I mentioned number 1? The Lizard King was married twice before finding perfection me. The first time was at 20, the second at young. Now while Needy Evie has worked her magic, manipulating their two kids to have nothing to do with us, Number 1 did not.

Yes, LK has a son from his first marriage. Let's call him Tatt-Man. Tatt-Man is 27 years old and married. LK was the only one to attend the wedding, almost 2 1/2 years ago, because well...we just didn't have the money for all of us to go. Then there was the "falling out" after the wedding.

A few weeks ago, thanks to Facebook, Tatt-Man's wife "friended" me. We started talking and working on the men. LK was easy. Tatt-Man was a bit more of a challenge. It worked though. I have spoken to Tatt-Man and his wife twice on the phone. Things are looking good!

All this back story is leading up to the answer to the question above. Tatt-Man and his wife are having a baby!!! I am going to be a grandmother. Princess is just tickled that she is going to be an aunt at age 6. LK, well he is just over the moon that he is going to be a grandfather.

I just wish that Tatt-Man and family didn't live so far away. Sometimes distance isn't such a good thing. We'll have to do our best to be involved, long distance grandparents. Baby is due March 5th. We can hardly wait!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mommy, there's only Christmas...

At Target the other day, walking past the card area Princess looked at the banner above and said, "Mommy, there's only Christmas. Where's Hanukkah?" I found the little section of Hanukkah cards and pointed them out. This, however, was not good enough. While there is a Hanukkah section, there is no Hanukkah anywhere in the banner above.

Yesterday at Michael's we walked in and Princess said, "Mommy, there's only Christmas." I told her that they probably don't know how special Hanukkah is. Princess still felt sad.

It is so sad that a holiday we feel is so special doesn't get any recognition in the abundant decorations in every store we enter. Princess feels sad and I feel sad for her. How do I explain that this is just the way it is? Why is it okay that this is the way it is?

A few years back I was shopping in a small local store during the holiday season. After paying, I wished the clerk "Happy Holidays!". The snotty b*#@h clerk responded with a very pointed, "Merry Christmas." What the heck? Was my sentiment not good enough?

Don't get me wrong, when people wish me a Merry Christmas I take it in the spirit that it is meant. But, why must people assume that everyone celebrates Christmas? Where are all the Hanukkah decorations? Does this only happen here? I swear I remember Hanukkah decorations 14 years ago in the Philadelphia area. Why does our holiday, my daughter's holiday, get no representation?

Now, hoping that my sentiment is good enough, Happy Holidays!!! And here is a little bit of Hanukkah...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Early Chapter Books

Meet Mercy Watson, an entertaining little pig. I have been on a quest for simple chapter books for Princess. This quest is not an easy one. We have read all of the Young Cam Jansen books, some of them more than once. 

Princess enjoys the experience of reading chapter books of her own. There are some chapter books that she is almost ready for and truthfully she could read them, but she is intimidated by the length.

Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo (the one who wrote The Tale of Despereaux) fits the bill. The chapters are short, there are lots of pictures and the story is very entertaining (not at all dark like Despereaux). Princess was laughing out loud.

There are six books in the Mercy Watson series.
 Check them out! They're fun!

Wardrobe Wednesday

I love Famous Footwear. There are so many great, quality shoes at bargain prices! It's even better during the "Buy One Get One 1/2 Off Sale". I took advantage of this little sale to get myself a cute new pair of shoes.

My half off pair? I decided to get myself some slippers that won't wear out after one or two seasons. I hate throwing things away. I got the most amazing Sorel slippers and yes, they were half off.

To learn more about Wardrobe Wednesday check out The Heathen Family Revival!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where to begin?

It has been such a long time since I have posted anything, blogger went and changed on me! It's all new and they didn't even check with me first! Sheesh! For one, I'm a spell check junkie and I can't find the flippin' spell check! Help!

Thank you to all my bloggy friends who have emailed to check on me. You guys are awesome! I've decided it's time to claw my way out of my hole and find my way back to the bloggy world. There have been so many things along the way that I have wanted to share, but the thought of back-tracking, is not going to happen. I will start fresh from this point forward.

As is so common in our little family, things have changed again. LK feels safe at the FOB in Afghanistan and we have decided that he will continue to work there. Our plans to spend 7 weeks with him in South Carolina have changed. The new plan: we are meeting in Orlando at Disney World to spend 5 wonderful, fun-filled days. After Disney, we fly back to Portland and will have a week and a half together before he deploys again. Unfortunately, my plans to meet up with some bloggy friends near Greenville just can't happen. :(

For now, we are very much looking forward to seeing each other at Disney on December 4th. Disney twice in one year! How cool is that?!

And now I will leave you with a few photos of our beautiful Princess.