Friday, November 20, 2009

A Baby!!!

Can you guess who this is?

You all know about Needy Evie, she was number 2. Have I mentioned number 1? The Lizard King was married twice before finding perfection me. The first time was at 20, the second at young. Now while Needy Evie has worked her magic, manipulating their two kids to have nothing to do with us, Number 1 did not.

Yes, LK has a son from his first marriage. Let's call him Tatt-Man. Tatt-Man is 27 years old and married. LK was the only one to attend the wedding, almost 2 1/2 years ago, because well...we just didn't have the money for all of us to go. Then there was the "falling out" after the wedding.

A few weeks ago, thanks to Facebook, Tatt-Man's wife "friended" me. We started talking and working on the men. LK was easy. Tatt-Man was a bit more of a challenge. It worked though. I have spoken to Tatt-Man and his wife twice on the phone. Things are looking good!

All this back story is leading up to the answer to the question above. Tatt-Man and his wife are having a baby!!! I am going to be a grandmother. Princess is just tickled that she is going to be an aunt at age 6. LK, well he is just over the moon that he is going to be a grandfather.

I just wish that Tatt-Man and family didn't live so far away. Sometimes distance isn't such a good thing. We'll have to do our best to be involved, long distance grandparents. Baby is due March 5th. We can hardly wait!


Aliceson said...

Very exciting!

Zayna said...

Oh Congrats! How exciting...even more so that you guys are working things out as a family.


Shady Lady said...

It is exciting, isn't it Aliceson!!

Zayna, I am beyond thrilled that we are working things out. Me being me, well...I don't like to give up. I knew that Tatt-Man was angry, but had no idea why. I called repeatedly and sent emails, but never got a response. LK being a guy, wanted me to back off. I guess sometimes it takes another woman working on things to resolve a situation. I am so happy that this one is resolved. AND to have a baby on the way. WOW!

Kelly said...


Shady Lady said...

Thanks, Kelly!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Congrats. That is great the LK and Tatt Man for mending fences. Exciting times.

5orangepotatoes said...

Wow! A grandma! Congratulations!
I have no doubt about the excitement Princess is feeling about it.

Shady Lady said...

Lisa, I know, it's still weird for me to think that I'll be a grandma. This is one lucky baby with FOUR sets of grandparents.

Yes, Princess is just tickled. LK became an uncle when he was Princess' age. He's got sibling who are a lot older, too.