Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Wagon and The Killer Bra

Yup. I fell off the EA Workout wagon. Princess got sick, then I got sick and it got really easy to not work out. In the past this would lead to years of not working out. Enter Freckle, my very dear friend, who kicked my butt (literally) and got me back to working out.

Since it had been about three weeks since I worked out, I scrapped my 30 day challenge and started over. This time I decided to kick it up a notch and moved up from easy to medium. Medium, for me, is tough. My butt hurts. My calves hurt. It's awesome.

Enter the killer bra. There is some running involved in the 30 day challenge workouts. During my last workout the underwire in my bra started stabbing me right between my boobs. I swear, it was going for my heart.While running, I tried shoving my t-shirt under my bra. It kept coming out. I shoved it back in, but it just wouldn't stay. The wire kept stabbing me over and over. In the shower I discovered that the freaking thing actually drew blood! I'm not sure, but I think a sports bra may be in order.


Such Lovely Freckles said...

I want to Dick's at the mall today... or well, I walked through it. They had these really cool sports bras there, but of course one cost $45. I was there with the kids, or would have at least tried one on.

Oh, and I picked up Princess's art work and the ladies from the studio asked about you and are wishing you much fun on your vacation. :)

Kelly said...

I can't tell you how many times my workout efforts have been thwarted by my boobs.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I use 2 sports bras to contain the girls.

Ami said...

Cut the underwires out.
You don't need them.

I haven't been exercising much lately. I'm between surgeries.

And lazy besides.