Friday, December 11, 2009

And we're back!

Look what we found in Disney World!!!

Hello everyone! Yes, we are back. We arrived late last night, exhausted. We had a blast in Disney World and I want to share it all with you. We have jumped right into Hanukkah, so the Disney update will have to wait.

Tonight was the first night of Hanukkah. We lit candles and sang the blessings.

We couldn't find the real candles, so we pulled out the electric menorah for tonight. We are hoping to find candles tomorrow.

Then came present time.

Yes, every girl's dream...a purple light saber.

Princess is very much looking forward to doing battle with her friend, Blue Eyed Boy at their next play date.


Frau said...

Happy Hanukkah and welcome back! Nice to see you all together to start your holiday off right. Princess smile with her gift is priceless! Have a wonderful weekend!

Kelly said...

Sweeeeeet light saber!!

Happy Hanukkah!

Zayna said...


Hehehehe, the look on Princess' face in that last pic. Priceless!

Happy Hanukkah!

Shady Lady said...

Thanks ladies! Princess was so excited about this gift. I do love the look on her face. She can't wait to open tonight's gift. :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Happy Hanukkah. Love the light saber.

Aliceson said...

How perfect is that Disney Hanukkah calendar?!

Awesome light saber!

Banteringblonde said...

Nice - love purple light saber! Can't wait to hear about disney!

jannieh said...

pretty girl :)

Shady Lady said...

Aliceson, I saw the Disney Hanukkah calendar and practically jumped up and down with joy! Princess is having a lot of fun getting her Hanukkah Gelt (1 quarter on the first day, 2 on the second, etc.).

SMT, thanks for the Hanukkah wishes!

BB, I hope to post about Disney and Hanukkah after LK heads back to Afghanistan and I have more time.

Jannieh, thanks for stopping by and following my blog! :)

5orangepotatoes said...

Happy Hanukkah! The expression is glad you got it on fillm! She cracks me up with her love of Star Wars! I loved it as a little girl too. It's wonderful seeing LK home!