Monday, December 21, 2009

Hanukkah 2009

This Hanukkah was especially wonderful. Getting to spend all eight days, all day and night, with the Lizard King was amazing. He is on a plane now, heading to Dubai and then on to Afghanistan. I thought I'd share the week in pictures (beginning with day 2 since you've already seen day 1).

This year I did something that I've wanted to do for quite a while. All of the presents were wrapped in fabric and tied up with fabric ribbon. Surprisingly, I found it easier to wrap this way. And the fabric is easily reused. Way cool!

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7 (Three Musketeers Barbies)

Day 8

This dollhouse is awesome! It comes with EVERYTHING!

We also had our traditional Hanukkah dinner with a bit of a Thanksgiving twist to make up for the missed Thanksgiving dinner together. LK makes the best Thanksgiving stuffing and the best Hanukkah Latkes. YUM!

Next update...Disney World!


Frau said...

What a wonderful Hanukkah princess had. I love seeing that smile of hers! Have a wonderful time with LK.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed Hanukkah.

Banteringblonde said...

This is wonderful! I'm so happy that you all had that wonderful time together. AND the toys!!! yay!

Kelly said...

You know, as I see more posts about Hanukkah it occurs to me that opening one present a night makes it possible to enjoy each, individual present. Christmas morning is a big orgy of paper and packages. It's overwhelming.

Um, Violet would shriek with glee if I showed her the Musketeer Barbies. It's the only thing she asked Santa for. We also bought Violet her own Musketeer costume to match Corinne's outfit.

Tee Hee! I'm excited.

Zayna said...

Fabric wrapping, you're a genius!

And I just love the pics of Princess and LK - pure bonding time. :)

I'm with Kelly, stretching the presents out over a week allows the kids to really enjoy each present.

You wouldn't believe how many times I've had to remind my kids of what they got for Christmas because things got overlooked in the all-in-one-morning mayhem.

Aliceson said...

What a fun 8 days! I know you're missing him now but he'll be back before you know it. So happy that you had a good time together as a family!

Shady Lady said...

Frau, it is a beautiful smile, isn't it?!

SMT, we did have a wonderful time. Thank you!

Fiona, I think I did pretty well choosing this year. Princess seems to be quite happy with what she got.

Kelly, I've always thought that Christmas morning with all those presents would be quite overwhelming. I have a friend who used to do the twelve days of Christmas and open a gift each night...just an idea! . :)

Zayna, I love watching Princess and LK playing together. He really is an awesome dad.

Thanks, Aliceson. I know we'll get through it. Only 87 more days!

Anonymous said...

Memories of my first dollhouse are flooding back to me right now! I love it!


Shady Lady said...

Lisa, I always wanted a dollhouse and never got one. But then, my childhood was pretty horrible. I love that I am doing things to give Princess happy memories like you talk about.