Friday, April 2, 2010

House Cleaning

I hate to clean. Whenever I am able to afford it, I hire a housekeeper to clean bi-weekly. Before I met the Lizard King and I was younger and single, I had a housekeeper. Whenever we have been able to afford it, I have hired a housekeeper. The thing about housekeepers, at least the ones I've hired, is that in time the quality diminishes. I become disappointed and disillusioned.

When we had our house in Georgia six years ago, I cleaned it myself. Somehow it wasn't so bad. I started thinking about why and realized that I had some good tools. It's all in the tools, especially when you don't use chemicals.

Since the build started I have been searching the internet looking for natural cleaning products that I can make myself. I started with stainless steel cleaner and polish because we're getting stainless steel appliances. I was amazed at how well a combination of Dr. Bronner's liquid soap and baking soda mixed to an icing consistency cleans stainless steel! And guess what I used to polish...olive oil! We have a stainless steel dishwasher in our rental and it looks amazing!

In my own nerdy way, I have begun to collect cleaning tool ideas on my Amazon wishlist. I've got myself a collection of lambswool dusters at a variety of lengths, a heavy duty steam cleaner, a ceiling fan duster, a microfiber blind cleaner, a handheld vacuum, and the thing I am most excited about...a new vacuum cleaner. Isn't it purty?! I'm actually getting excited about cleaning. Freaky!!


nonlineargirl said...

Pretty much no amount of good tools make me want to clean, but I am glad you are feeling inspired!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I agree with nonlineargirl that no amount of good tools would get me excited to clean but glad it is working for you.

Kelly L said...

I so love my home cleaned by someone

Love to you

Shady Lady said...

Well I guess I haven't convinced you all to join my little parade. ;) Yeah...I'm not surprised. I just hope this feeling I have lasts!

Nonlineargirl & Kelly L, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting!! :)

sheila said...

VERY interesting on the polishing recipe! Hubs and I just expanded our 15 yr old window cleaning service to include housekeeping. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it takes off. :o)

(mostly so I can use the service., lol!)

Sheri said...

I can't say that I like the actual cleaning part but I love the satisfaction I get from a clean house.

Now I never had a house keeper or used a cleaning service, though I did work for one, so I can't say whether or not the satisfaction comes from doing it myself or just from the fact that the house is clean.


5orangepotatoes said...

I'm a freak too, I find that vacuum cleaner GORGEOUS!!! Natural cleaning is the way to go. Make sure to get some essential oils to add to your cleaners, our favorites are lime, lemon and grapefruit. Their sunny smells makes cleaning easier. ( is a great money saving place to stock up on oils.)


Shady Lady said...

Sheila, the stainless steel cleaner really does rock! I wish you lots of luck with your business expansion!! (and you getting the benefits of a clean house;)

Sheri, I just love a clean house...whoever does it. I have occasionally found good housekeepers, but they retire or move away. The one we have currently doesn't seem to look up and we have cobwebs everywhere. I've pointed them out to her, but they still don't get removed. :/ In the new house I'll have a lambswool duster with an extension so I can reach them! Oh happy days!!

Lisa, I have to say that I agree with you. AND it's the only vacuum that had all 5 star ratings. I'm so excited to get it. I have tea tree and lemon essential oils. Thanks for the referral to!!