Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poor Puppy!

It's been a rough time over the last few days, with three vet visits in three days. We still don't know what happened. On Monday the Puppy Princess had a very swollen face. We took her to the vet where they told us that she likely got stung by a bee. After a shot of an antihistamine, they sent us home.

The next day the swelling in her face was reduced, but her neck was swollen and she displayed other icky symptoms. We took her back to the vet where they gave her another antihistamine shot and sent us home with more antihistamines. That night she wouldn't eat dinner. The next morning she wouldn't eat breakfast. She seemed much worse. Oh...and her ear developed an infection. Back to the vet!

They kept her for observation and blood work. They were able to get her to eat some canned food eventually. The blood work showed nothing. : /  They started her on an antibiotic, told us to continue the antihistamine and keep her quiet for the day.

We still don't know what happened for sure. Our best guess is that she was eating some sort of poisonous plant and got stung by a bee. Last night she slept well. This morning she ate and took all her meds. She looks like she is returning to normal!

What a relief!!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Glad she is doing better. It is so scary when a pet gets sick. You just wish they could tell you what is wrong.

Sheri said...

Oh poor puppy!

You have my sympathies. Having just recently gone through a bunch of vet visits, surgery and meds.

Like SMT said, it's so frustrating because they can't just tell you what's wrong.

Glad to hear she's feeling better.


Shady Lady said...

You are absolutely right, ladies! It felt like when Princess was a baby. I just wanted her to tell me what was wrong! I'm glad to have this behind us now.

Sheri, did you blog about yours? I must have missed it! I hope all is well. :)

sheila said...

Poor baby! I feel so bad when pets are ill.Once our dog had an oozing eye. The vet said her eyeball was scratched...probably by a stick and that if we hadn't brought her in she could have gone blind.

I don't think dog's get a lot of ailments, but man when they do get something, it's something that usually sucks.

Sheri said...

Shady, I did post about it. It's titled, "1 down, 8 to go". You might have missed it because it starts out with me whinging on about understandable if you skipped over it.


Mandy aka Mandaroo said...

Ohhh, I'm so glad she's getting better...what a cutie she is!

Colleen said...

Oh, poor thing! :(