Friday, September 18, 2009


At 10:53am today, Princess turned 6! I can hardly believe that 6 years have gone by and that this very grown up little girl is sitting right in front of me. She is such a beautiful combination of the Lizard King and me. We are truly blessed to have such a special person as our daughter. We learn more and more from her each and every day. She has changed our lives more than we could ever imagine.

This is the first (and only) birthday that LK has missed. This is a hard time for all of us. He and I were just emailing about Princess' birth day and LK said that it was a great day. I responded that it was life changing. (Well, duh!) LK then said, "I sometimes wonder where we would be had she not come along. Not just physically, but emotionally. She definitely did complete the family." I responded, "She certainly did... Life would be so very different without her. I truly believe that we would still be together and happy and in love, but we would not have grown into the people we are now had she not come into our lives."
Happy Birthday, Princess! Daddy and I love you more than we could even begin to say.


A Trailer Park Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Princess!! I hope you have a wonderful day, full of fun!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Happy birthday! Hope you all had a nice day.

Dan Decker said...

Happy Birthday to the princess and congrats to the 2 people who adore her. I hope all her wishes come true.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Princess!

My husband and I feel the same way about our Violet. Children are a wonderful gift.

5 orange potatoes said...

Happy 6th Princess!!!!!! The girls would love your address to send some little homemade wishes!

email: crinklebein at yahoo dot com


Sherry said...