Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Spider Lapbook

Our spider studies have come to a close. As has become our new custom with studies like this, we finish with a lapbook.

I found a lot of the mini books here, just page down the list to spiders. Enchanted Learning has some of the pieces we used, too. has a wealth of information and great pictures. Be sure to turn your sound down. The animated spiders talk.

I have to say that finding resources for this lapbook was the hardest so far. We did have lots of spiders around the house and yard we observed which is always a great bonus in a lesson.

Princess decided on a colorful spider for the cover.

Since she is just learning to write, Princess isn't comfortable writing long answers. Here we found the definition and pasted the answers with the vocabulary words.

For shorter answers she is happy to write.
She really likes to make the number 8!

Princess enjoyed answering the questions at the end of this mini book.

Here she wrote the short words and I wrote the long ones.
These are spider defenses and offenses.
Here Princess labeled the parts of a spider.

Who doesn't love a little poetry?
Sorry for the sideways photo. Blogger is acting funky.
Anyway, here we have spider life cycle cards.
These were my biggest challenge by far.
I finally took the life cycle from and
made them into sorting cards.
Sorry for the funky photos. I think maybe I need to wipe my lens. ;P


Frau said...

Wow impressive layout of Spider knowledge Princess has learned.

Zayna said...

That's awesome. I especially liked the spider poem...of course. :)

Sherry said...


Shady Lady said...

Frau, I'm always excited about Princess' love of learning.

Zayna, yes, I knew you'd love the poem.

Sherry, thanks again to lapbooking inspiration.

5 orange potatoes said...

This is great! Araina was just telling me yesterday that she loved writing the number 8 too.

Lisa :)