Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Little Whine?

I don't even know how to start this post. That's probably why I haven't posted in so long. I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Building a new house is really awesome and incredibly challenging when I am the one who has to stay on top of everything. There have been so many mistakes that I caught and at least one that I missed.

The one that I missed will cause LK a lot of work and I'm kicking myself for missing it. Of course he doesn't think it's a big deal, but I feel frustrated about it. He is so darn easy going. Thank goodness electrical work comes easy to him. The electrician who wired our house didn't seem to have much of a plan. A few light switches were placed in the strangest and most inconvenient of places. The Lizard King will be relocating three of them.

The house is so close. It looks like we should be closing on time and moving at the end of June. I've been packing for weeks and there is still a lot to do. We're getting down to the wire so I feel the need to step things up a bit. My sister is coming over tomorrow to help...again.

On top of all the house stuff we are dealing with Needy remember her, the evil ex-wife. Well, after 8 long years of alimony it is coming to an end. Did you think she would go down quietly?! Absolutely not!! That's not her style. Now we have to prove that we have paid her everything. In my naive hope that she would be reasonable, I didn't save all the proof and have spent the last month on the phone with the bank (and other sources) gathering all the proof. After a little trip to Kinko's I have copies of everything which I will highlight and send off to our new attorney. Yes, we had to hire an attorney to handle all of this. Fun times.

On top of all this, I'm just missing LK. It's been nearly 13 weeks now and we've got another 3 weeks 3 days to go. Princess is missing her daddy so much. This time being so long has been so much harder on all of us.

Well, I think I've reached the end of my whine. If you made it this far, thanks for listening. I hope to be back again soon!


Frau said...

Hang in there it will all work out! And I know three weeks and 3 days is long time but soon he will be home and you will be in your house lil happy family family! End story is a happy one. will all work. Happy Memorial Day!

Kelly said...

Karma is a powerful thing. That's all I have to say about Needy Evie. Boo.

Hold on, baby. You're almost there!!

Sheri said...

Remember the famous words of Papa Smurf, "Not far now." ;)

That's a heck of a lot of stuff to deal with, especially all at once, but it sounds like you're handling it well.

I'm sure the three weeks will go by faster than you think.


Shady Lady said...

Frau, yes the time will pass quickly...especially with how busy I am. ;) Those 12 days will be amazing!! Then we count down to September, which will be only about 10 weeks.

Kelly, I am so on the same page with you about karma. The thing is, she's panicking. She has been living with this huge extra income for so long, she just doesn't know what to do. We are so close now, I can taste it...and man is it yummy!!

Sheri, I love the Smurfs!! What a wise man that Papa Smurf was. ;) Time will fly and we're trying to look at it in smaller chuncks which helps. Thanks for the hugs! They are always appreciated.