Monday, May 17, 2010

Lizard King and Unschooling

A long time ago I made a list of all the qualities that I was looking for in a man. I had been through so many bad relationships. I was going to find the perfect man for me or I had no interest in having a man. I came across that list no too long ago and was reminded that the Lizard King met each and every requirement on my list.

I feel so blessed (yes, I still use that word;) to have such a supportive husband. It seems that no matter what I decide to do, he is always behind me 100%. He is amazing. Always has been.

As I sat reading The Unschooling Handbook two or three years ago, I would randomly share eye opening ideas with LK as I encountered them. It all made so much sense to both of us. The more we read the more we were fascinated and knew that this was our path. When I decided to try doing more schoolwork, a slightly more traditional style of homeschooling...slightly...LK was supportive. And when I realized that it wasn't working for us and dropped the schoolwork, LK was behind me all the way.

There are two reasons he is so supportive of our unschooling choice. 1. He sees that it works and not only that, it works well. 2. LK was a bit radical in his day (as was I), a little rebellious and liked doing things his way. Unschooling is his last little bit of rebellion.

Whatever his reasons, I am grateful to have such an amazing if I could just have him at home, life would be simply grand.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great shot of the Lizard King. You and he sound like a great match.

Kelly said...


Shady Lady said...

That is one of my favorite photos of the Lizard King, SMT. I think his kindness really shines through there.

Sheri said...

Hehe, love the pic.

Our Hubby's sound a lot alike. Mine too is supportive mostly because of his rebellious streak.

Though he does do the occasional mathsheet with there is a part of him that struggles with his own rebelliousness.


Shady Lady said...

Too funny Sheri! LK will be doing lots of hands on stuff with Princess once he comes home. There will be math, but more in the home improvement area. If she likes it, she'll become a rockin electrical whiz.

Frau said...

That is a match made in heaven where you both see eye to eye on raising your child.

Shady Lady said...

Frau, I would have to agree with you! We both feel very lucky to have found each other. We are quite the team. :)