Friday, May 14, 2010

MIA but I had to share

Yeah, I know, I've been missing for a while. We are dealing with the psycho the evil one Needy Evie some personal issues and I just haven't been in a very bloggy place. Still, I had to stop in here and share the latest in Princess news. Most of you know that we are unschoolers (after taking a short detour last year). This time around I have truly embraced this life and I love when little things happen to remind me how beautifully this all works.
At Village Home, our amazing homeschool resource center, they are doing the Great American Spell Check fundraiser. When they first announced it, I asked Princess if she wanted to participate. She told me she would think about it. Yesterday the email reminder of the deadline arrived in my inbox. I asked Princess if she had made a decision and told her that she needed to make a decision now because the Spell Check event is next week. She decided that she wanted to give it a try!

I printed out the word list and read her each word so that she could write them on a piece of paper. We have never done a spelling lesson or anything like this before. Princess got 33 out of 50 words correct, including the words more, floor, coat and steep. We have 17 words that we will work on when she decides she wants to. We talked about what she missed and I think she will likely spell more words correctly on Tuesday. I just think it is so cool that she is doing this and that her spelling is so good!

I know I've said it before, but I just have to say it again...unschooling rocks!


Kelly said...

Way to go Princess!

Tell Needy Evie I said, "Suck it." You've got more important things to deal with.


Aliceson said...

Woohoo Princess!

Shady Lady said...

Oh Kelly, I think I love you! ;)

Thanks, Aliceson! It is exciting...and I am amazed at how many pledges she has gotten in such a short amount of time.

By the way, any of you readers out there are welcome to sponsor Princess...if you so choose. :) Leave a message in comments or email me at shadylady at maintcc dot com.

Frau said...

Princess is a smart cookie! She is a cutie too!

Shady Lady said...

Thanks Frau!! Yeah...we think so too. ;)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Way to go Princess!

Shady Lady said...

The Spell Check is tomorrow, SMT. We'll see how Princess does. She hasn't chosen to spend time working on the words she didn't know, but I'm wondering if our little converation about them might have stuck. We'll see how she does tomorrow. Either way, it's all good!!

Sheri said...

Go Princess!

What matters most is that she's trying something new and having fun with it.

Yes, unschooling rocks!

Shady Lady said...

Absolutely Sheri! Princess is pretty excited about tomorrow. Fortunately it takes place at noon. Hopefully we'll be on time. We have a hard time with that. ;)