Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm Hooked on Lapbooking

I found some really cool lapbook resources that I wanted to share.

Homeschool Share has TONS of templates and lapbooks topics already designed. This is where I found materials and lots of information for our butterfly lapbook. They also have a huge variety of blank pockets and books that you can print and design yourself. Oh, and they are free! Very cool!

You can also find information and templates at Homeschool Helper. Homeschool Helper offers lapbook folding instructions as well. These are free, too!

For other materials, I simply Googled what I was looking for.

We did another lapbook today. For this one I Googled "money lapbook" and found this and Googled around and found some other things.

Another really cool find...Enchanted Learning. I've been pondering joining this since we started homeschooling. You can get lots of stuff from them for free, but if you become a member for only $20 for a whole year, you have access to even more and banner free printing. Here I found several of the booklets we used in our lapbooks.

Here is our money lapbook.

Later, we continued reading the 'Bugs & Insects' book we got at Costco. The second chapter is about spiders. Princess really enjoys placing the stickers.

Can you guess what our next lapbook subject will be? ;)


Gina said...

Very cool. I always loved lapbooking but, alas, my girls have outgrown it. :(

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Thanks for the links. I'm going to check them out.

Kelly said...


Does Princess help you put the lapbooks together or do you do it? They look so neat and organized. I don't think Violet will be so good at that just yet.

Sherry said...

This just makes my day! ;)

I have a paid membership at Enchanted Learning; if you're going to keep doing things like this on a fairly regular basis, I think it's worth the $20.

Money is a great topic. We'll have to fit one of those in later too. :)

Shady Lady said...

Gina, I thought that lapbooks could follow a person forever. I'll be bummed if Princess wants to stop when she gets older. I'm having so much fun with them!

SMT, have fun!

Kelly, I do a lot of the prep work before hand. I print, cut and assemble the mini books. Princess likes to cut a little, but there is A LOT of cutting involved. After I have everything cut out she helped a little with some glueing (we used glue sticks and they worked great!) but got bored with that so I finished. I did the stapling as well. Then I laid everything out to see how big of a lapbook we needed. When we are ready to assemble, Princess colors the pages, we read through everything and answer questions, then glue everything down and we're done! She then spends hours pouring over the completed lapbook, reviewing all the information contained inside. It is an awesome tool! Remember, you don't have to do it in one sitting.

Sherry, see what you've created?! I am so totally hooked. I agree, enchanted learning is totally worth the $20!

We have been working with money for a while. This one just popped into my head. I'm looking to put another one together about geography. I may have to make this one up myself, though. I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. Wish me luck! =)

Sherry said...

Rubber cement works really well. No wrinkles and you can easily reposition if you decide you don't like where you've placed something. Plus it seems much stronger and holds the heavy stuff better than glue stick.

Shady Lady said...

Rubber cement, huh? I'll have to pick some up. Thanks for the tip, Sherry!

And Kelly, if you decide to pursue lapbooking, please share!! I'd love to see what you create.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the great links and advice to this. I LOVE the money lapbook, great and useful, needed for both of my girls.

Lisa :)