Thursday, August 13, 2009


Anyone who knows us well, knows that we don't have a lot of rules in our house. The rules that we do have are more like principles.

Be kind.
Be safe.
Be respectful. ( This is a biggie!!)

We've never had limits on screen time; radical, I know! It works for us. You may be surprised to know that Princess doesn't spend all her time watching TV, playing Wii or on the computer.

I do have a point in here somewhere. ; )

A few weeks ago at our Radical Sunday School we talked about fairness and how we need rules to keep things fair. Freckle and I proceeded to have a game of tic-tac-toe without rules. It wasn't very fair. (It was very funny ;P) This must have struck a chord with Princess.

Today, on our way to soccer, she starting making up rules for being outside, inside and car rules. Ironically, the rules were simply meant to keep us safe, within the law and respectful of ourselves and others.

The way we choose to do things may not work for everyone, but it works well for us...even if we are a little radical.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I always say whatever works is great.

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Radical Sunday School, eh? I don't know where you spend your Sundays, Shady Lady, but my Sunday School is called Rational. ;-)