Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can we just pretend it's Monday?

I meant to post my Gardening Monday Club yesterday, it being Monday and all. Oops! I got a lot of laundry done, though!

A day late, but here's my update.

My seeds are beginning to sprout! Here we have the beginnings of spinach. It looks like grass, right? I'm told it's spinach.

The cucumbers are getting new leaves.

Lettuce is getting bigger. I cannot wait to eat lettuce out of my very own garden.

Okay, it's really hard to see (with all the yard debris - we have an insane amount of yard debris) but the chard seeds are sprouting. If this grows I'll save so much money. I eat a ton of chard.

We also have one snap pea sprouting and some chamomile, but they're really small. This gardening stuff is pretty cool!


Aliceson said...

That might be spinach, not like I have ever seen but I know there are many varieties.

Wow your lettuce looks awesome! It won't be long until you're enjoying a fresh salad, Yumm!

Banteringblonde said...

ooh i wanna post my pics! I have a green pepper that is growing l like crazy!

Zayna said...

I agree with Aliceson - That lettuce looks so pretty!

And uh, what's chard? I've never heard of it.

Shady Lady said...

BB, join the Monday Gardening Club!

My lettuce appreciates the compliments ladies. ;)

Zayna, chard is a green leafy thing that is so yummy. I eat lots of it, so I'm hoping it grows well.