Sunday, May 17, 2009

He Made My Day!

A random stranger, that is.

I was walking home from the library today, toting my wheely cart filled to the brim with books, when a guy drove by me. He turned around, heading in my direction again and I went into my typical paranoid mode, thinking he could be a serial kidnapper/murderer. Completely logical, I know.

As he approached, I turned to make sure no crazed human was jumping out to grab me. He slowed down beside me and said, "Excuse me, miss, are you single?" I responded with a "no, I"m not". He said, "Oh, okay. Well, you're very cute." I smiled and said "thank you".


He totally made my day!! =)


Aliceson said...

The Shady Lady's still bringin' it!

Momma Bear said...

Girrrllll! hahaha

Frau said...

Wow I would be freaking on a stalker kinda a way. Great pick up line! And I think you definately still got your groove.

Kelly said...

Aw! That's so much nicer than the dirty cat calls I get when I walk to the drugstore.

t.t. millers said...

Totally put a smile on my face too! Isn't it cool to be notice by someone... ;-)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

That would make my day too.