Monday, March 2, 2009

Colorful Conversation

Princess: Mommy, when I came out of your tummy, did you know my favorite color was pink?

Me: No sweetie, I didn't know that.

Princess: Well, pink wasn't actually my favorite color when I was a baby.

Me: Oh?

Princess: No. My favorite color was aquamarine when I was a baby. Now that I'm big, pink is my favorite color.

Me: (stifled giggle) When did pink become your favorite color?

Princess: Um...when I was three.

Me: What made you change your mind?

Princess: Well, the aquamarine turned into pink.

Me: So the color changed or you changed your mind?

Princess: No, the aquamarine disappeared and the pink came.

Me: Oh, I see...

I'm certainly glad we're clear on that. After all, we know how important the pink is. Yes, it is all about the pink!


Kelly said...

Pink has become the latest plague of our house. Violet wants her room painted pink, with polka dots. I'm just hoping that demands for an all pink wardrobe are NOT next.

Such Lovely Freckles said...

LOL... your daughter is truly precious. Aquamarine... geez, how'd she even think of that color? It's amazing!

Fiona said...

pink, purple in this house as long as it is blingalicious it is a fave.... we are flexible that way!

Shady Lady said...

Kelly, Princess is all about the pink, but when it comes to clothes she's more about the pretty. Granted A LOT of her clothes are pink.

Freckle, I know! Aquamarine of all colors! I have no idea where that came from.

Fiona, blingalicious...I think that just may be my new favorite word!

RasJane said...

I love conversations with kids. It's always a wonder what goes on in those heads of theirs!
Thanks for sharing this one. :)

Shell (in NZ) said...

It *is* all about the pink, lol. I love conversations with chidlren, and it;s so neat to read them :0)

Shady Lady said...

RasJane and Shell,
Conversations with kids are so much fun! I wish I remembered more of them...