Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Rewards of Competition - HOTB Style

I wish you could have seen the look of excitement on my face when this package arrived in the mail from Rachel at A Reservation For Six. Rachel is our beautiful sponsor for the Hair of the Blog Contest. Although I was not the winner, Rachel was kind enough to send a consolation prize...and what a consolation prize it is. This is the perfect gift for the woman who needs a shave. Rachel, how did you ever know?!
Momma Bear was the winner, but we have yet to find out what her Grand Prize was. Kelly at Heathen Family Revival came in second and shared her prize with us. Aliceson at Feet Off the Table received her consolation prize as well. Melanie at What's Happening Mallons? competed, but we're all waiting to see what her consolation prize was.

So, Momma Bear & Melanie... tap, tap, tap ...we're waiting. Patiently... tap, tap, tap ...really, there's no rush... tap, tap, tap ....any time now... tap, tap, tap. OH, COME ON ALREADY! Oops sorry... I really can be patient. tap, tap, tap

Ooh...did you want to see what was inside my package?

My amazing, one of a kind, original, unique and oh so special consolation prize.

Are you ready?

It's really exciting...

I bet you can't wait to see it.

It's really cool!

You've never seen anything like it.

Well, maybe you have.

I guess maybe it's not so one of a kind.

And maybe it's not so cool.

It is pretty special...

Well, maybe not.

It's just perfect for me.

And it's MINE all MINE!

Well, without further ado...

Here it is!

Thanks Rachel!!! How did you ever know?!


skyewriter said...

Awesome! You must post a consumer product review!

Such Lovely Freckles said...

LOL... it's really quite special. :)

Aliceson said...

Oh Shady Lady the suspense was killing me!!!

I must confess I bought that same product the other day at Target. It seems now that the contest is over, I've turned into a hairy sesame street monster. Let me know what you think of your new hair removal product. I haven't tried mine yet.

Momma Bear said...

hahaha i have no words...:)

Rachel said...


Shady Lady, the suspense was even killing ME, and I knew what I sent you!!!

I have to admit I did some last minute shuffling around of prizes. This one was originally going to go to Kelly, who was second place, and everyone else was going to get socks, but I knew from one of her posts, that Kelly was especially fond of fun socks, so I decided to send THIS prize to YOU, since you were way hairier than Aliceson or Melanie!!!

I'm glad I didn't send it to Aliceson, then. I've been DYING to try this myself since I've seen it advertised on TV (I almost kept it for myself!) and I've wondered if you can achieve the same results with fine-grit sandpaper! LOL You must let us know how it works!!!

Kelly said...

Please, please, please, post pictures of the self-induced road rash you get from using this product! ;) Of course, if I am wrong and it actually works, I will be buying one immediately.

Shady Lady said...

I promise I will post a consumer product review after using this lovely product. Ironically, I had just shaved everything the day this arrived.

Princess is chomping at the bit to use it. We told her that hopefully she got her body hair genes from LK's mother rather than me...she never had to shave. She was not pleased with that answer. I finally had to say that girls can't shave until they are grown-ups. If you remember, she doesn't ever want to be a grown-up. Crisis averted! For now anyway.