Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rock on!

I love rocks (as I mentioned in my X post). Princess loves rocks, too. She is always collecting rocks she finds on the street and tries to collect rocks she finds in landscaping. It hit me the other day...hey, we're unschoolers. Get off your bum and do something with this!

I logged on to the local library website and started requesting books (I love the library!). A lot of books. Books about rocks and how they are formed, books with experiments involving rocks, books about collecting rocks, storybooks about rocks, books about rocks in caves, books about ancient art carved into rocks and DVDs about rocks.

I've got a nice stack of books that I've sorted through. We started looking at photos of rocks and we read a story about rocks.

I pulled out some of my rocks (crystals) and jewelry with rocks in them, like amethyst, amber, quartz and more. I've got a lot more packed away that I need to find. Princess was so excited as we examined all the different rocks.

Princess asked to wear two of the pendants to which I promptly replied "yes!". She looked at me with her big brown eyes and asked, "Did you save this to give to me one day?" I told her I did because everything I save is to give to her one day. It was such a joy to see the look on her face.

We also have a rock museum here in town! We can't wait to schedule a field trip there...maybe during Spring break from Village Home. We're planning to go rock hunting as well! Ooh! A rock tumbler! I need to look into buying one of those as well! Can you tell that I am so excited to explore this with Princess?!!


skyewriter said...

How. totally. cool.

You are an awesome mom.

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Well, that's weird. I love rocks too. I always bring home rocks from wherever I go. The beach, forests... vacations. I have a glass of rocks on my desk and a bag of rocks next to my desk. I love my rock collection.

Shady Lady said...

Thanks, Skyewriter! =)

Freckle, you mean we have something in common? ;) Again!

Snavleys said...

Very cool! Unschooling rocks!

Anonymous said...

Yay! A fellow rock lover! I love rocks of all kinds and have managed to pass my obsession on to my youngest offspring who is in love with fire opals. We have small piles o' rocks and gems all over the house. We use to go to the Rice Museum fairly often when the kids were younger, now we frequent Crystal Heart where my daughter spends her precious allowance. Most of our vacation souveniers are--you guessed it--rocks. LOL. Did you make it to the agate and
gem show at OMSI last month?

Shady Lady said...

Gina, I didn't even know there was an agate and gem show at OMSI! Bummer! We are hoping to make it to the Rice Museum during the break. If not, there's always summer.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!