Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hair of the Blog Part III

Warning: Any men out there (Are you there Rooster X?) and those faint of heart, might want to skip this post.

Well readers here it is. Time for my HOTB update. Thanks to Freckle I've got a photo to share. My husband says I should throw in the towel, but I think my armpits are way more impressive than the legs I've seen. They are even more impressive than the eyebrows that have been submitted...don't you think? Look here.

He said that if I had been able to enter my thighs I would easily blow away the competition. But since the vertigo, I haven't been able to shave there. Of course the vertigo is now gone and well...I still haven't shaved there.

At our first photo shoot Freckle laughed at my pitiful armpits. I said "Oh really?! Want to see something impressive." I showed her my beautifully adorned thighs. Her comment? "Did you ever think of waxing that?" See? Impressive, right?!

Alas, all I have submitted for this utterly silly competition are my pitiful armpits. Here they are (well the left one anyway, the right photo was too blurry) for your viewing pleasure.


Rachel said...

OMG! Can't stop laughing!

And, Shady Lady, I totally agree with you. Your pits ARE impressive! And it may be too late to enter your thighs in the contest, but you could always show us just for fun! ;)

And that Freckle is some photographer! She can make even a hairy armpit look beautiful!

Aliceson said...

That photo reminds me of some of mom's friends (women) who never shave their armpits. At least you don't have clumpy deodorant stuck to your hairy pits.

Too funny!

Momma Bear said...

hehehe I can't believe you linked to my brows.. omg hahaha.
That is some impressive hair growth. Again I can't stop chuckling about this whole things!

Shady Lady said...

Why thank you, Rachel! Yes, I am quite proud of them. ;)

Aliceson, no clumpy deodorant here! I don't use regular deodorant. I use a salt stick. It works great with no aluminum AND no clumpy deodorant.

And Momma Bear, yes, this whole thing is completely hysterical!!!

suchlovelyfreckles said...

I am seriously laughing my ass off. This is too good. :) Ladies, I love your sense of humor... and I cannot even begin to tell you about the photo session the Shady Lady and I had. We actually went outside at first to get better lighting. And then I chickened out, because I was afraid of the neighbors. LOL
You know of course I would win this contest, if I participated. My hair growth is really quite impressive. ;)