Saturday, February 21, 2009

Road Trip!

By now you all know that I tend to forget things. Well, no surprise, it happened again. I buy my chicken from a local farmer here in Oregon. The chickens are raised outdoors in the open air, free to roam and do the things that chickens do. Once a month the farmer makes the 90 minute drive to various points around the Portland area where we can pick up our orders. The last drop was Tuesday...and I forgot.

I could have waited until next month, but I need the chicken and I thought it would be a fun field trip for Princess and me. We found that a lot of the sheep were pregnant (although I don't think they call it that) and learned that not all sheep need to be sheared. Some sheep just shed. Who knew?! We met some cows, chickens, ducks and saw some pigs off in the distance exploring the woods (a.k.a. digging in the mud). We really enjoyed our first visit to the farm.

I took my camera but guess what?! I totally forgot to take pictures of Princess with the animals and exploring the farm. I did remember as we were leaving, so I have the photo above.

We were invited to come back in the Spring and bring some friends and a picnic lunch. There should be a lot of baby animals born in Spring. Freckle? HerbiFaery? Are you up for a field trip? How about you Rooster X?


Momma Bear said...

I love it! We went to a farm last week and this week! No this is not a normal occurrence for us but I just started getting some of our milk, our eggs and most of our meat (including chix) from a farmer. The kids the first time were enamored by the cows and the smell. The second time they didn't want to get out of the van and everytime I'd open the van door they'd yell at me cause of the smell! City kids Meh!! :) Fun thanks for sharing! I always forget my camera too, it is a honkin sized one-been meaning to get a little camera thinking I'd remember more if it were just in my pocket.

Shady Lady said...

That's awesome Momma Bear! Are you getting raw milk? I love buying food I know is healthier because the animals are raised outside, the way they are supposed to be, eating the things they are supposed to eat. Have you heard of Nourishing Traditions? If not, check it out at the library. Great book! We're getting everything from the farm that we can, but I buy different things from different farms.

And even with the little camera it's still easy to forget.

Shell (in NZ) said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- I'm going to hang out here for a bit and get to know you better :0)

We plan to move soon and then we will be able to get a lot of our food from local farmers, and a farmer's market in the weekends (which is fabulous).

We get raw milk someitmes, but only if a friend is going- it's a long way away, and I feel it is too much trouble for now. Our local (usually hopeless) shop has started selling organic milk, which is better- but organic raw...that's something else!

Aliceson said...

I work at a dairy farm but refuse to drink my farmer's milk. Kind of like a sausage factory that way. After one cow's bout with mastitis, I couldn't eat cottage cheese for a while. TMI, I know but not any worse than hairy legs and pits right? I would probably feel different if they were my animals. I do buy all of my eggs from a farmer up the road, but eggs are naturally wrapped and sterile.

My kids love to come and help me feed the cows.

Shady Lady said...

Shell, thanks for stopping by here, too! And thanks for hanging around to get to know me. :)

It's difficult when resources are so far away. I hope your move makes it easier for you to get the healthy foods! We are very fortunate to have such great resources here in the Portland area.

Aliceson, what a cool job! I am such a dairy lover I think I'd still be drinking it. Heck, I worked at Wendy's and ate there every day back then. No worries about TMI! Like you said, if we can share hairy legs and pits there isn't much that's really TMI. ;P

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Sounds fantastic. I'm in. :)