Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I had something very different in mind for today’s post and then it happened. As I lay in bed late last night, I put my book down and grabbed the TV remote. I was in the mood for a little giggle and I have episodes of Friends always at the ready on my Tivo box. At the moment I pushed the power button everything turned off. Pretty powerful remote, huh?

At first we thought we lost power throughout the house. But when I got out of bed I noticed that I had forgotten to turn off the hall light. Hmmm….so we lost power in the bedroom and the other bedroom. I know this because I lost my internet connection and that’s where all that fancy computer stuff is.

My poor husband, after getting to bed way too late two nights in a row, finds himself out in the garage checking the breakers. Nothing was tripped. After investigating (saying he knows a thing or two about electrical is a colossal understatement) he has determined that something has burned out somewhere in the walls. At least I think that’s what he said. I, on the other hand, know nothing about electrical.

That’s what we get for moving into an old house that has been poorly maintained. Here I sit with extension cords running all over the house to keep things powered up so Princess and I can stay cozy in bed. Did I mention the lack of insulation and drafty windows?


Aliceson said...

Sounds way too familiar.

You would think we live in a third world country by the numbers of times we have lost power recently. Most were power company issues but lately I cannot run my washer and dryer at the same time or we trip the main breaker. And hell, my husband IS an electrican! Then he has the nerve to complain about me being behind on laundry.

He has pulled all new wire running through the walls to outlets, etc but he still has the old panel in the basement. Something about waiting until the ground thaws???

I hope your hubby is more prompt than mine!!!

Aliceson said...

Typo alert! I meant number not numbers. Ack!

Shady Lady said...

Our landlady won't let LK touch anything. She didn't want us to attach the playroom shelves to the wall because drywall anchors can really cause a lot of damage. Yeah, so can the lawsuit when the shelves fall on my child. Yes, we attached them anyway. She is an interesting being.

Fiona said...

we used to live in an old house.... definitely lots of adventures!

Momma Bear said...

i cant even imagine. I guess you'll have to rename your blog to : My World Behind Big Progressive Lenses..:)

Shady Lady said...

Momma Bear! ROFLMAO!!!