Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

And now for my first edition of Wardrobe Wednesday! Thanks to Kelly over at Heathen Family Revival for creating this entertaining way of celebrating Wednesday.

I was wondering what I would post for my first ever 'WW' photo and then it happened.

Yesterday morning Princess decided she wanted to be a dog named Rosie. Not just a dog, but a princess dog. After all, it is all about princesses. She decided that two barks was yes and one bark was no. I was to call her Rosie the rest of the day.

Princess went to the closet to choose her dog princess wardrobe for the day. Naturally the attire must be pink. She selected the shirt that you see.

Normally she would wear this with pink pants, but her pink pants were in the laundry. I suggested black pants because they look very nice with this particular shirt. If you could have seen the look! "Mommy those don't look like princess pants. They're black. They're prince pants. I can't wear those."

What you see is the outfit she chose and she loved the combination.


Rachel said...

Duh! Everybody knows that Prince wears black pants! ;)

She looks adorable!

Kelly said...

When Princess Violet wears black pants she attracts ALL of the cat hair in the house. An ass full of cat fur is not a good look for a princess!

Thanks for playing!

Aliceson said...

Since when do dogs wear pants? Very cute princess!!!

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Your daughter... I swear... the logic is unbeatable. ;) Love it. Thanks for sharing. I believe I shall pick up that Wardrobe Wednesday thingy.