Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Hate Spelling Mistakes

especially when I make them! At the end of the day yesterday, I noticed that I spelled breaking (as in breaking the rules on Wardrobe Wednesday) braking. Ugh! And it was like that all day! You'll be glad to know that I fixed it as soon as I noticed. Yes, I suppose I am still a little anal. *sigh*


Momma Bear said...

I noticed but I didn't care cause you had me at "Shady". :)

Rachel said...

Shady Lady, I am the same way. I'm extrememely anal about spelling and grammar in my posts and if I notice something not right I need to fix it right away.

I've even deleted comments of mine on other blogs that had typos. I have a problem, I think. :(

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Oh, you Shady Lady. I love when you write posts like this. ;)


Shady Lady said...

Momma Bear you made my day!

Rachel, I actually called Freckle to have her go in and fix a comment I made on her blog. How crazy is that?!

And Freckle, I just love you!

Aliceson said...

The other day in an email my hubby swapped the word here for hear and SENT IT THAT WAY! When I saw it I almost had a panic attack.

Shady Lady said...

Aliceson, I have converted my husband so he's as obsessive about it as I am. :)