Tuesday, February 10, 2009

That Long? Really?

I am totally amazed at how many emails I receive each day promising that if I take ‘X’ that I will be able to please my woman. No more erectile dysfunction for me! Sweet!

I was listening to the radio the other day. I’ve been listening a lot to the liberal/left station and decided to check out the other side. I switched to the conservative station and the first thing I hear is a commercial telling me that if I take ‘X’ I can maintain an erection for 45, 60 or 90 minutes. (Maybe that's the problem with the Republicans?)

You and I know that no matter what I take I’m not getting any kind of erection, but here’s my real question. What woman wants to go for 45, 60 or 90 minutes?!?! I mean seriously! Who has that kind of time? And even if you do, do you really want to do that for that long? How the heck are you going to walk the next day?!

I’d really like to know if there is a woman out there looking for this. Do tell! As for me, I’ll just say "no thank you".


Aliceson said...

90 minutes? I don't have time for that. Do you have any idea how much I could get accomplished in 90 child free minutes? It would for sure take several glasses of wine and the promise of sleeping in the next day to agree to that kind of love making session.

skyewriter said...

Do you know that most insurance will cover prescription medications for ED?

But no, no; if a woman want to cease ovulating, that's out of her own pocket.

I posted on this early last month after seeing a commercial for a penis *pump* that also was covered by most insurances, including medicare.


If we ever wonder whose in charge of things, just look to see who has insurance coverage for sexual/reproductive issues.

Sarah said...

Instead of going to the gym for a cardio workout.... :)

suchlovelyfreckles said...

Yeah, I can just see myself, looking over at the clock, while he's busy and dripping sweat on me, and I'll say with a yawn, "Are you done yet?"
I swear, after 90 minutes there will be no hair left. All rubbed off. ;)



Shady Lady said...

Aliceson, Sarah & Freckle...you guys totally crack me up!!

Skyewriter, it is pathetic, isn't it? One day things will change. One day.

Rachel said...


Not me! I'm WAY out of shape.