Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vote Earth

Over the last year I have made many changes in the way I live my life. Many of these changes are to help save our Earth. I use homemade natural cleaners, recycle everything, turn the water off while washing dishes, combine errands to save gas, buy sustainably raised food, take reusable shopping bags everywhere and more.

I was stunned at the amount of plastic, especially since I don't use plastic bags. I began recycling all plastic after I learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is not a landfill where garbage (mostly plastic) is being dumped. Plastic blows there and gets caught due to the direction of the winds and seas. This garbage patch is twice the size of Texas!

Since learning of this, I try to make purchases that reduce my plastic waste. The rest of my plastic I save to take to our local plastic recycler. Save your plastic for one month. You will be shocked. It will be a lot harder to just toss that plastic packaging.

All this has been a long way of saying that you can do your part to help by participating in Earth Hour. THIS SATURDAY 28 MARCH (tonight) AT 8.30PM YOU CAN VOTE EARTH BY SWITCHING OFF YOUR LIGHTS FOR ONE HOUR - EARTH HOUR. Click the photo above or here to link to the website for more details.


AmyG said...

I'll be participating in this! We did it last year. I need to do it more often!

Zayna said...

We're doing it again too.


Shell (in NZ) said...

I wonder about turning off all the power for an hour once a week- I think that's achievable, though we had our fair share of annoyances (at first) last night.

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Earth definitely has my vote. And the lights will be out tonight.

Shady Lady said...

We had fun playing Candyland in the dark...and reading to each other. I hope you all had fun, too!

It would be interesting to make this a weekly event.