Sunday, March 29, 2009

He's Not Perfect

Everyday I wonder how I got so lucky. I have the most amazing husband. He works his ass off to support us (and Needy Evie) and so I can stay home and homeschool Princess. He does so much for us.

He is the handiest guy I know. He can do practically anything. He supports me in whatever I want to do or be. He treats me like a queen.

I read other blogs with complaints about husbands shortcomings and think, well my husband would never do that.

Then every once in a while he reminds me that he isn't perfect. It doesn't happen often and before yesterday I can't remember the last time it happened. But yesterday it did happen and man was I pissed!

It really wasn't anything big. I had texted him in the morning and in response he called me, but he was on Skyline which is a road with spotty cell phone reception. He said he'd call when he got there. Three hours went by. I called but got no answer...again and again.

Finally he called me with great attitude and a threat that he was going to throw his cell phone into the Willamette (River) because it was a pain in the ass. He told me he had work to do and that I was interrupting him. I told him goodbye and that I would talk to him when he got home.

I then reacted in the most mature way possible, vowing to never call him again. I began making a list of all the things throughout the day that I wanted to tell him. The plan was to hand it to him and walk out because one of the things on the list was doing an errand alone. Yes, I was the epitome of the mature adult woman.

Later in the afternoon I texted him again and asked if he wanted to talk. He called me and we talked. He apologized. We're back to normal and I'm thinking...he's pretty perfect.


Such Lovely Freckles said...

Oh you... :)

Lisa said...

This is so sweet, even perfect hubbies have a right to be not so perfect once in a while! :)

Fiona said...

Yes, even the perfect aren't always perfect!