Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Art Museum...not

I bet you are expecting to read all about our fabulous day at the art museum, right? Well that is not going to happen today. I am sick. Curl up in a ball and sleep all day sick. Waves of nausea washing over again and again sick. It was awful.

Princess was amazing. She wanted to know how she could help me. My sweet 6 year old wanted to take care of me. I told her that the best thing she could do for me was to watch TV, play the Wii, play her computer and her DS...and let me sleep. She was awesome!

The nausea seems to have passed and I am left with achiness and I'm still tired. My sister and her fiance' are downstairs playing with Princess and making her dinner. There is one blood relative who I can count on. Through our differences, we have always been there for each other...and I am grateful.


Frau said...

I'm sorry I hope you feel better, I'm glad you had help with Princess and you can rest. Feel better!

Kelly said...

Could Princess come and have a little chat with Violet about what to do when Mommy is sick? Wow. What a sweet kid.

Feel better soon.

Sheri said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. That really sucks.

What a little trooper you have there.

And that's so awesome of your sister to help out like that. You're fortunate to have her.

Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

sheila said...

BLeh, yuck! Was it something you ate? Or like the flu? Poor shady. Hope you get better quick!

Shady Lady said...

Thanks Frau! I'm feeling so much better today. Sheila, I think it was a flu bug or something. Sheri, yes...my sister was awesome. :)

Kelly, I think it's an age thing. A year ago I don't know if Princess could have done this. And normally LK would stay home if I was that sick. I was pretty amazed, but I was also really sick. I think Violet is about a year younger...right?