Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday - New Baby Edition!!

Does this count as a Wardrobe Wednesday? I think so! After all it is a wardrobe accessory for a baby, right? This is the blanket that I knitted for our grandbaby. It is a nice neutral green because they decided not to peek at the 20 week ultrasound. From this point forward Princess and I can spew all the pink we can find all over this baby because...IT'S A GIRL!! (I think she looks like her daddy.)

Head on over to Heathen Family Revival and see where it all started...Wardrobe Wednesday, that is.


Sheri said...

I bow to your knitting prowess. That blanket is just stunning and I adore the colour.

And what a sweet little darling. How precious.

Congratulations on the new arrival.

Aliceson said...

What a beautiful blanket you made and what a beautiful baby! And how fun is it that your grandbaby is a girl?! I see lots of pink in her future!

Kelly said...

That is awesome. I love green. I have no patience for long term yarn projects. I need to finish things pretty quick, or I lose interest. That is why I sew.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Congrats. You have mad knitting skills. The little girl is beautiful too.

sheila said...

Wow! YOu are crafty!!!!!!! That is beautiful!!! I love the green! What a sweet baby girl! Just gorgeous!

skyewriter said...

Gorgeous! [Hey, the blogger thingy is letting me comment again.]

That's my favorite color.

Oh, and the bubuh is very pretty, too :).

Shady Lady said...

Sheri, it was WAY easier than it looks. It was just knits and purls and I followed a graph that instructions that I found online.

Aliceson, yes, this little girl (or her parents) are in trouble. Let the pink floodgates open! sewing can give me a quik fix. Cool! I could use a quick fix sometimes. I like the repetitive nature of knitting. It's cathartic.

SMT, like I really is an easy pattern, but I do appreciate the compliment!! :)

It seems that this green is quite popular! I really love it, too. In fact, green is in my top three favorite colors.

SKYE!!! Welcome back! I've missed seeing you here! Yes, she is a beautiful baby isn't she? She just needs a little pink.

Lisa said...

I LOVE the green color you picked, it looks so soft! The little gal is a doll.