Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

Princess, the fashion diva, modeling the latest in tourist wear.

Head on over to Heathen Family Revival to see their latest fashions.


Aliceson said...

Work it girl!

Frau said...

I love her maxi dress she is a rock star!Have a great day!

sheila said...

I think she should be "shady Young Lady". She's adorable.

Kelly said...

That dress is so cute and it would be easy to make too...just sayin' ;)

5orangepotatoes said...

So cute! Love the dress, my stinker girls won't wear dresses anymore.....;(


Sheri said...

Hehehe. Too cute. The shades make the whole thing.

Shady Lady said...

Aliceson, you got that right!

Frau, that is a great dress...I'd kinda like one for myself.

Sheila, she is definitely a Shady Lady in training. ;P

Kelly, I am so gonna be calling on you for guidance!!

Lisa, Princess would probably live in dresses if she had enough of them.

Sheri, those shades do rock, don't they?!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

So cute! Love the poses.