Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Inspired by Rachel at Reservation for Six I decided to share a little bit about my little hoarder. Although she hasn't reached the stellar heights of Rachel's daughter, she's also a bit younger so I'll give her some time.

The most recent attempted aquisition was a piece of velcro. The upper tab of velcro on her coat kept grabbing her hair, so I cut it off. Emotions ran high when I asked her to throw it in the garbage. She was devastated because...wait for it...it was pink. gasp!

She likes to save the boxes that her toys come in because she likes the pictures on the box. We have a special place in the garage where we keep such treasures. I call it the staging area. After enough time has passed these objects move from the staging area to the recycle bin.

We are moving to a new house and we've purchased a super cool new play structure. Princess still wants to keep her crappy swingset that we plan to sell for the bargain price of $25. We'd actually give it away for free, but I don't want to deal with the no shows that result from free listings on Craigslist. Oh, but wait. We'll be putting the swingset into the imaginary storage unit where we will keep everything that we won't be taking to the new house. I just hope she never asks to see the storage unit. I'll be in big trouble.


rachel... said...

OMG! Hahahahahahaha... I don't know whether to be flattered or horrified!

The worst is when they catch you trying to throw something out: "Well, I'll be... I don't know HOW that picture you made ended up in the garbage! Sylvie must have gotten a hold of it..." (TIP: blame the baby whenever possible.)

Ooohhh... I've got a good idea. What if you just happen to "lose the keys" to the storage unit??

Kelly said...

Oh, we have imaginary storage as well. Thankfully, a photographic memory is NOT something my child has been gifted with.

Rooster X said...

Be good, or we'll put you in the storage unit.

Frau said...

There is a fine line between not being wasteful and hoarding...princess is tittering.

Sheri said...

What a great post.

My daughter was the same way, actually she was worse. At 8 years old, she argued with me about keeping candy wrappers. Apparently they have sentimental value...who knew?

Anyway, now almost 15, she's since graduated to hoarding books. Hard to argue with that though, I mean if your kid is going to hoard something, it might as well be books, right?

I'm sure with the move and the new playset the "storage unit" will quickly be forgotten. At least I hope it is for your sake. ;)

5orangepotatoes said...

LOL on the pink velcro tag....little stinker. Actually, she sounds so much like Fauna. What is the greatness of boxes anyway? Fauna collects those as well. Crazy peanuts! Good luck with the old swingset!


Shady Lady said...

So Rachel, who do I blame if there is no baby? Ooh! I've got it! I blame the dog. She'll believe that, right?

Princess has a crazy memory for things and it's totally random. Tonight she asked me why I threw her Winnie the Pooh toothbrush away. I looked at her, completely confused. She said, "It was a long time ago, Mommy." Well, gee...I'm going to guess it was an old toothbrush. Silly me!

Rooster X!

Frau, there is a fine line and I think she's slipping off the edge. We opened a new toothbrush tonight and I could tell by her words that Princess was trying to talk herself out of being upset about throwing away the packaging. I think we've avoided the drama. Whew!

Sheri, I think I'd be okay if she gets to the point of hoarding only books. I love books! I kind of hoard books...kind of. Of course I did just get rid of two boxes of books during a packing session. But then, I'm really not much of a hoarder.

Lisa, every time I walk past the stash of boxes in the garage, I wonder how long we'll have to hang onto them before I can recycle them. They are funny, aren't they?!

sheila said...

Yes, I've found many a piece of junk in my daughters room after throwing it out. She either suddenly LOVES it or feels 'sorry' for it. OMG. lol.

I think it's genetic, my husband can't part with anything either.

Such Lovely Freckles said...

Oh my gosh, that would drive me crazy. Blue Eyed Boy had a phase when he thought collecting his dad's beer bottle caps was a good idea. He kept them in a ziploc bag. Eventually they just sat in a corner, and we threw them out. And he was fine with it. :)

Shady Lady said...

Beer bottle caps, huh. Shhhhhh!!! Don't tell Princess.

Rooster X said...

I picture a shelf in the playroom full of Iron City cans.

Shady Lady said...

Rooster X...shhhh...stop giving her ideas.