Monday, March 15, 2010

Arty Scavenger Hunt

Princess and I are going to the Portland Art Museum tomorrow. This is Princess' first ever visit to an art museum and she is very excited. In order to create even more interest, I have designed a scavenger hunt.Within the parentheses are the names of the permanent collection sections/displays. I think this will make the visit even more fun!! Princess really likes the idea of the scavenger hunt.
  • Painting with flowers of pink, blue, red and white (European)
  • Man with a mustache (European)
  • Woman with a black hat (American)
  • The Man with the Green Eye (American)
  • Naked Man (Contemporary)
  • Clock (Contemporary)
  • Stripes (Contemporary)
  • Mask (Native American)
  • Necklace (Native American)
  • Something Pink (Northwest)
  • Mount Hood (Northwest)
  • Rocket (Photography)
  • Someone wearing a colorful sunflower (Prints & Drawings)
  • Woman with a bun wearing a red jacket (Prints & Drawings)
  • Man with curly hair (Prints & Drawings)
  • Silver cup (Silver)
  • Silver tea set (Silver)
  • Silver pitcher (Silver)
There is also an Eye Spy game we will try if we have time. I will close my eyes and Princess will describe one piece in detail. After she is done, I have to open my eyes and find the piece she described.

I think this promises to be a fun day for both of us!


Frau said...

Such a great idea and great way for a child to enjoy a museum. Can't wait to hear how it went. Have fun.

Kelly said...

That is a great idea.

I have now stolen it for future use.


Zayna said...

Wow, that's brilliant.

I never would have thought to be so creative about a visit to the museum.

I hope you have time for the Eye Spy game too, that sounds like fun.

Enjoy your day!

sheila said...

That is a REALLY smart way to get a kid interested in art and in a fun way. Smart cookie you are!

We did a scavenger hunt for my daughters 16th bday at the mall. It was the cheapest party we had (I just sprang for dessert at Johnny Rockets). And I'll tell you...the kids didn't stop talking about it for weeks.

Scavenger hunts rock.