Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Have I mentioned that I am forgetful? That I have a horrible memory? When my husband proposed I didn't even cry because I was staring at him watching and listening to everything he said with such intent because I wanted to remember everything and still I had to write it down within a couple of hours or I knew I would forget it. Now if only I could remember where I put that paper.

I learn lots of things and in the last year I've learned a huge amount about health and eating. I do lots of research and make informed and educated choices. The problem is that once I make the choice I sort of forget the why. Then I look like something resembling an idiot because when asked why I do "X" I can't seem to recollect why it's a good thing that I made this choice.

This evidently runs over into my blog and the things I share or say I will share and then find I forgot about. While perusing the titles of my posts I realized that there are things I've forgotten. Here I will try to catch up. I'm sure I will forget something, so please feel free to remind me.

Starbucks Vanilla Rooibos Latte. What I got was a huge disappointment! They handed me a cup of steamed milk with a tea bag in it. Excuse me? But what makes THAT a latte?! It was weak and terrible. I was expecting some loose leaf tea brewed like espresso, dark and strong...something with power. I was hugely disappointed. Sure it was free, but come on, I'm not coming back to spend a dime on that.

New Years resolutions. I said that I don't generally make them and yet again this year I haven't made any. Although, I may be making the resolution to never speak to my parents again but time will tell. My step-sister convinced me to write the parental units a letter. I haven't done that yet but I do plan to get to it. They have noticed that I'm not returning their calls, though.

Oh...and I got new shades! On our way out the door to the airport I realized I couldn't find my big shades. (I must try to remember to check the lost and found at VH - I forgot yesterday.) I bought a new pair of big shades at the SLC airport. I'll have to post a photo so you all can see the bling. They're so cool.

And one more thing! We're starting Sunday school on February 15th. Classes are only twice a month. After talking with the teacher it actually sounds kind of unschooly so I'm jazzed about that. I'll try and remember to post about it once we start.

One more thing! The Inauguration yesterday...I loved Obama's speech! Why you ask? Hmmm...I don't remember, but I know it was good.

So, if I've forgotten anything else....please...let me know. I love comments!


suchlovelyfreckles. said...

Gingko Biloba! My mother-in-law bought two bottles of it, put it in her pantry and then... forgot about it. ;)

Rachel said...

Would you believe I've never been to Starbucks??? At least... Not that I remember... ;)

Shady Lady said...

Thanks for commenting Rachel! Welcome! It's great to see you here.