Sunday, January 4, 2009

No Shows

Here I sit on a Sunday morning at 10:35am. I am blogging when I should be massaging. You see, in order to help make ends meet I do massage part time. I have a nice little practice set up and I work out of my home. I have a good amount of regular clients who are wonderful. Then there are new clients.

I don't get too many new clients because I tend be booked and have no room in my schedule for them. This Sunday, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I have three new clients scheduled. My first client was supposed to be here at 10am and she has no-showed me. No call, no email, nothing. She gave me her work number and told me that was the best way to contact her. Well, it seems she is out of the office, returning Monday. I turned away another client - a long term client - because I was completely booked. Or so I thought.

So what am I to do. My husband thinks I should require prepayment from new clients. I'm beginning to think he may be right. It just feels weird to me to do that. Why are people so inconsiderate of my time? It's so freaking frustrating! Grrr!!!

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