Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday School

An odd concept for the Jewish Atheist Unschooler, I know. But, I've been feeling like there is something missing. I love the traditions of Judaism and we have some beautiful traditions in our little family. Still, there are things that I have forgotten over the years and some holidays that we don't really do anything. I would also love for my daughter to know that she isn't the only Jewish kid out there.

We are fortunate to have a Humanistic Synagogue here in Portland, perfect for the Atheist Jew. A while back I thought about becoming a member of the congregation and "getting involved". It never happened. It never happened because I realized that (at this point in my life, anyway) I didn't want it to happen. Still, I felt that something was missing. I've been thinking a lot about it this week and finally realized that it doesn't have to be a package deal. We can just do Sunday School.

The one thing holding me back was the fact that our daughter is very attached and would not be comfortable going on her own just yet. My husband said he would be happy to take her, but honestly, his plate is so full I didn't want to add yet another thing. Well, it seems that my Sundays will be clearing up a little so I will be available. I am really excited about this! It's a bit early now, but I will make some phone calls and make it happen...maybe even in time for Purim.


Stark said...

I too go to a "church" where there are plenty of atheists. I love the reactions I get when I tell people that I'm an atheist that teaches Sunday school.

Shady Lady said...

Hi Stark,
It is rather amusing, isn't it? But maybe with Obama mentioning us non-believers in his speech people will start to "get" us.

My husband says that atheists are the new Jews. Someone to be feared and hated. Man, what does that make me then? I guess it goes double for me? ;)